Guided Tours

Church dedicated to the Holy Family, owned by the Bonazzi family

On our premises one can take guided tours with or without the support of cultural associations dedicated to the divulgation of the knowledge of the territory of the Valpolicella region, since our company firmly believes in the binomial land and wine. We also sell our products directly and we welcome individual customers, small parties or large groups. The small tour includes the tasting of the different wines of the Bonazzi winery, such as the Recioto, the Amarone or the Granduchessa, accompanied by typical local products of our tradition, such as the Monte Veronese or the Ubriaco ( drunk ) cheese varieties, soppressa ( ground pork salami ) and honey.

In addition to this, the location of our company (we are only 12 kilometers from the town of Verona ) allows us to experience a wide view of the heart of our beloved Valpolicella, thanks to the privileged location of the family chapel. The tours also take place with the help of special, interesting explanations and anecdotes about our land, our wines and our ancient family. On our premises one can also buy seasonal products (cherries) and bottles of extra virgin olive oil produced from our olive trees.



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