“Light, dry, red and cordial like the house of a brother you get along with ” that is how the famous Ernest Hemingway defined Valpolicella wine. It represents the majority of the production of the Classic Valpolicella region. This wine is the most typical one of our region and it does not present many different processing techniques, but instead only slow and natural procedures to obtain it. Thus, we offer the best of our grapes to customers who can appreciate a glass of wine that is not too demanding but is certainly satisfying.

Area of production: from autochthonous vineyards on hilly plots of land located in the heart of the Classic Valpolicella region (north of Verona ).
Grape varieties: Rondinella 30%, Corvina 50%, Corvinone 10%, Molinara and Croatina 10%.
Yield: 120 quintals per hectare.
Maturation: 4 to 8 months in steel.
Organoleptic description: intense ruby red color; vinous bouquet that recalls floral essences but with fruity scents typical of the Corvina grape variety, such as sour black cherry and spices. On the palate it expresses the taste of recently pressed grapes, of a young and fresh wine, velvety and with a moderate alcohol content.
Serving temperature: 15° - 18° C
Serving suggestions: it is a wine to accompany the whole meal. It is excellent with our typical cured meats and cold cuts, such as the soppressa, and with pork in general. It has no equals with young and very soft cheese varieties. It is also great with pasta dishes or with “cotechino con pearà” (kind of spiced sausage served with a typical Veronese spicy bread sauce).
Longevity: from 3 to 6 years.
Alcohol content: 12.5 % vol.

Vinification process: slight pressing of the grapes and natural fermentation. After remaining in steel containers for approximately six months, it is refined in bottle for an additional three months after the malolactic fermentation.